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Can AC Maintenance Help Control Spring Allergies?

Looking at an HVAC unit to make sure it is clean

For some people, the spring season is a time for tasks like cleaning and central air conditioner maintenance. For others, it means having to deal with spring allergies. Fortunately, doing one can help with the other. In today’s post, Shackelford Heating & Cooling discusses how AC maintenance can help ward off spring allergies.

What Causes Spring Allergies?

Pollen is the most prevalent cause of allergies during the spring season. Many species of trees, weeds and grasses release pollen in the spring as part of their reproductive cycles. When an allergic person inhales pollen, their immune system perceives it as danger and releases histamines, triggering allergy symptoms. Pollen has been known to spread for miles from their original source, so it can be difficult to avoid even when you live in an area with sparse vegetation. Other known causes of seasonal allergies include mold and dust mites.

HVAC Maintenance and Seasonal Allergies

A key step in the HVAC system’s heating and cooling process is filtering the incoming air before it’s cooled or heated. In a central air conditioning system, the air filters are located within the air handler, while in a ductless mini-split, they are located in the indoor unit. Air filters catch particles in the air, such as dust and pollen, as they pass through the air handler.

To ensure clean, pollen-free air in your home, make sure that you get a new set of air filters for your HVAC system as part of your spring maintenance routine. Air filters typically get filled to capacity every three months, or even one every month during seasons of heavy usage — coming from the winter season, you will likely need new ones by the time spring is in full swing. You can further improve your home’s indoor air quality by running an air purifier or scrubber, as well as having your air ducts cleaned every five years.

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