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Air conditioners may look similar, but their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) can vary widely. Higher SEER numbers save more money spent on electricity. A 13 SEER air conditioner, the EPA “current minimum standard”, uses 23% less energy then a 10 SEER unit (EPA standard up until Jan. 2006). Even though 13 SEER is the minimum efficiency available, we currently offer a line of air conditioners that start at 13 SEER and go all the way up to a 20 SEER . Depending on your average usage, higher SEER air conditioners can significantly reduce your electric bill.

Additionally, we offer many air conditioners that have advanced features, such as 2-stage compressors and variable speed fan operation. These features not only improve the comfort level of your home, but can provide additional energy savings as well.

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Carrier Infinity Air Conditioner

Infinity® Variable-Speed Central Air Conditioner

Up to 19 SEER2 for premium energy savings

If there’s an air of superiority to these units, it’s because they’re the quietest, most efficient models Carrier makes. Built for total home comfort, the Infinity series central air conditioners offer an enviable SEER rating of up to 21. Combine it with Carrier’s innovative Infinity® control for the highest degree of comfort management.

INFINITY 19VS 24VNA9​Up to 19 SEER​As low as 56 decibels​BEST
Carrier Infinity Air Conditioner

Infinity® 21 Central Air Conditioner

Up to 19 SEER2 for premium energy savings

This model is the most efficient air conditioner we make for starters. Add to that the fact that its two-stage compressor can make a real comfort difference when it comes to managing indoor humidity.

INFINITY 21 24ANB1​Up to 21 SEER​As low as 65 decibels​BEST
INFINITY 17 24ANB7​Up to 18 SEER​As low as 69 decibels​BEST
INFINITY 16 24ANB6​Up to 16.5 SEER​As low as 66 decibels​BEST
Carrier Performance Air Conditioner

Performance™ Series Air Conditioner

Up to 19 SEER2 for premium energy savings

Performance series air conditioners offer that perfect balance between budget limits you may have today and your desire for long-term energy savings.

PERFORMANCE 17 24ACB7​Up to 18 SEER​As low as 73 decibels​Better
PERFORMANCE 16 24ACC6​Up to 16.5  SEER​As low as 72 decibels​Better
PERFORMANCE 13 24ACB3 ​Up to 15 SEER​As low as 74 decibels​Better
PERFORMANCE 13 COMPACT 38HDR​Up to 15 SEER​As low as 66 decibels​Better
Carrier Comfort Air Conditioner

Comfort™ Central Air Conditioner

Up to 16.5 SEER2 for enhanced energy savings with standard comfort features.

The Comfort series of air conditioners is designed to give you simple, efficient, affordable cooling. And with impressive SEER ratings they can still make you smile when it comes time to pay your energy bill.

COMFORT 16 24ABC6​Up to 16.5 SEER​As low as 76 decibels​Good
COMFORT 13 24ABB3​Up to 15  SEER​As low as 72 decibels​Good
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