Preparing Your Home for Summer 

A picture looking over the lake to downtown Madison in the hot summer.

Introduction: As the summer months approach, it’s essential to ensure your home is ready to handle the heat efficiently. Shackelford Heating and Cooling is here to guide you through the steps to prepare your house for the summer season. From optimizing your HVAC system to enhancing energy efficiency, we’ll cover everything you need to know […]

The Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump in Wisconsin

Heat pumps outside of a home.

Introduction: As the climate continues to fluctuate and energy efficiency becomes increasingly important, the adoption of heat pump technology emerges as a viable solution for homeowners in Wisconsin. Shackelford Heating & Cooling stands at the forefront of this transition, offering a range of heating and cooling solutions tailored to the needs of the region.  Efficiency […]

New Furnace Installation and Care

A new Furnace that was just installed inside a home.

Introduction: In the realm of home comfort, a properly functioning furnace is essential for keeping your living space warm and cozy, especially during the colder seasons. When it comes to installing a new furnace or ensuring the proper care of your existing one, Shackelford Heating & Cooling stands out as a reliable and trusted partner. […]

The Crucial Role of Regular Maintenance in Furnace Efficiency

A man Doing Maintenance on a Furnace.

Introduction In the realm of home comfort, few things are as essential as a well-functioning furnace, particularly during the cold months we have here in Madison. At Shackelford Heating and Cooling we understand this importance, emphasizing the significance of regular maintenance to ensure optimal furnace performance. This essay delves into the pivotal role of routine […]

The Benefits of Cleaning Air Ducts with Shackelford Heating and Cooling

A man cleaning an air duct

Introduction: In the realm of indoor air quality management, the maintenance of air ducts plays a pivotal role in ensuring a healthy and comfortable living or working environment. Shackelford Heating and Cooling is a reputable provider known for its expertise in air duct cleaning services.We want to  delve into the benefits of engaging with us […]

Preparing for Spring

A picture of Madison in Spring

Introduction: As winter loosens its grip and springtime temperatures begin to bloom, it’s essential to ensure that your HVAC system is ready to handle the seasonal transition. With Shackelford Heating and Cooling, we all understand the importance of proactive maintenance in ensuring optimal performance and efficiency as the weather changes. We will explain the comprehensive […]

Preventing Water Heater Failure with Shackelford Heating and Cooling

A man working on a water heater

Introduction: Water heaters are essential appliances in modern households, providing the comfort of hot water for various daily tasks. However, their reliability can be compromised by neglect or improper maintenance, leading to inconvenient and costly failures. At Shackelford Heating and Cooling, we understand the importance of a functional water heater and are committed to helping […]

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Broiler 

A man bringing new HVAC units

Introduction: In the realm of home comfort, few appliances play as crucial a role as the broiler. Responsible for maintaining warmth during the chilly months, a well-functioning broiler ensures comfort and energy efficiency. However, to ensure optimal performance and longevity, it’s imperative to understand how to utilize and maintain your broiler effectively. Here Shackelford Heating […]

Harnessing Dual Fuel Home Comfort Systems for Enhanced Comfort and Efficiency

A set of nice looking duel fuel systems to be installed

Shackelford Heating and Cooling endeavors to optimize indoor comfort for homeowners while prioritizing energy efficiency. In pursuit of this goal, the integration of dual fuel home comfort systems emerges as a promising solution. Here are the multifaceted advantages of dual fuel systems within the realm of Shackelford Heating and Cooling’s services, emphasizing their potential to […]

Creating a Healthy Home Environment: Safeguarding Against Indoor Air Pollution

A photo of Madison full of pollution in the sky

In today’s world, ensuring the quality of the air we breathe indoors is paramount. Indoor air pollution poses a significant threat to our health and well-being, with various contaminants lurking in our living spaces. We here at  Shackelford Heating and Cooling understand the importance of clean indoor air and offer tailored solutions to protect homes […]

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