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Common HVAC Problems During Winter

Man Making sure everything is ready with his HVAC system for winter

With winter coming to a close, it’s time for every homeowner to stay on top of their HVAC systems maintenance. The harsh conditions that the winter season brings can compromise even the most dependable HVAC systems, necessitating residential HVAC service and repair.

Below are the common problems that afflict heating and cooling systems during winter:

Frozen Pipes

Whenever temperature decreases, you can bet on ice accumulation. This becomes a problem for homeowners as various pipes and coils in their HVAC systems can freeze over and cause malfunctions for entire systems. Hydronic systems, such as hot water heaters, can fail because of water freezing within the pipes. In extreme cases, pipes can actually burst as a result of pressure buildup. If this does happen, you should shut off the water to their homes and call their trusted heating specialist immediately.

Broken Thermostats

In some cases, it’s not even the HVAC system’s hardware that needs troubleshooting because of winter’s ill effects. Sometimes, the culprit is faulty electronics in the thermostat. You’ll need to repair the faulty wiring or replace it altogether with a new one.

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters are common whenever heaters are overused during the cold months. Dust, dirt, and other forms of debris can get lodged in them and reduce the effectiveness of your entire system. Most often, homeowners may not realize that this is the simple reason behind decreased airflow at home. Moreover, this issue can also lead to various respiratory ailments as allergens can spread through the filters, causing respiratory problems and skin allergies.

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