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Common Spring HVAC Problems That Require a Professional Service Call

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A functioning air conditioner is something you definitely want and expect this spring. But what if, after a long period of sitting idle, it doesn’t work when you go to turn it on? What if it’s not blowing enough cool air? In such instances, you need to have your air conditioner checked out by a reliable residential air conditioning service contractor to determine the cause of the problem. It could be any one of the following issues, which most HVAC technicians encounter on their service calls in the spring:

Refrigerant leaks

A hissing sound or frozen coils while your AC unit is running are strong indicators of a refrigerant leak. If either of these problems occur, your unit won’t be able to cool your home effectively and efficiently. Your indoor comfort will be compromised as it consumes more energy than needed, resulting in increased monthly utility bills. This is a problem that can only be solved by certified professionals, so be sure to call in a trusted technician to have the leak patched up and your air conditioner’s refrigerant replenished.

Malfunctioning thermostat

Although thermostats are known to last for decades, they can still malfunction when you least expect it. If this is the case for you, it might just need new batteries. But if your thermostat still won’t start even after replacing the old batteries, most air conditioning contractors recommend having it replaced as soon as possible. If you have the necessary tools and know the model of your HVAC unit, you could attempt to replace it yourself. However, don’t take the DIY approach if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Calling in a trusted HVAC service technician will always be the better and safer option in the long run.

Faulty start capacitor

The capacitor is a component inside your AC unit that transfers electrical voltage to the motor to start the cooling process. If your system takes too long to switch temperatures in response to changing your thermostat’s settings, this could be due to a worn-out capacitor. Other signs include not cooling as effectively as it should, which in this case will require you to call in a trusted technician to address the issue.

Shackelford Heating & Cooling is a trusted name when it comes to providing residential heating services and AC maintenance in the local area. You can count on our team of certified technicians to ensure your HVAC system’s efficiency and performance this spring and beyond. Give us a call today at (608) 530-0667 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. We serve customers in Madison, WI, and nearby communities.


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