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Does It Make Sense to Maintain Your Heating System in the Summer?

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While most homeowners are worrying about central air conditioning maintenance at the height of summer, it’s a good idea to also take the opportunity to get your heating system serviced and maintained at this time. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be using your furnace or boiler on the hottest days of the year; rather that you’ll be taking advantage of off-season benefits by getting your heating system ready for the cooler months ahead.

Summer is the peak season for cooling and air conditioning services, and it’s important to keep your air conditioning in good shape during this time. Here are a few reasons from our HVAC experts at Shackelford Heating & Cooling that you should also give your heating system some attention during this season.

Shorter Wait Times

You’d be hard-pressed to schedule air conditioning replacement services at the same time everybody else is. The opposite is true for heating, however, as it’s rare for homeowners to set up an inspection and maintenance appointment for their heating system in a season that these devices aren’t in use. This means shorter wait times for your heating service. Additionally, once the colder days of fall and winter kick in, your system will be in great shape  and ready to face the season.

Off-Season Discounts

It’s common for HVAC companies to offer discounts and specials on their off-season services. You can take advantage of lower costs and shorter wait times by scheduling heating maintenance one season ahead. Should your heating system show signs of problems, you can get it fixed now and avoid going a day or two without heat on the cooler days of fall and winter.

Better Indoor Air Quality

The dry air of summer tends to stir up dust and other pollutants in your central air conditioning system. Having your ducts and vents inspected, cleaned and maintained in the summer means you’ll be enjoying better indoor air quality levels when fall and winter roll around.

Keep Your HVAC System in Good Shape With the Help of Our Professionals

At Shackelford Heating & Cooling, you can trust our experts to help keep your air conditioning and heating in good shape for every season. Give us a call at (608) 530-0667 or fill out our contact form to schedule a maintenance appointment or request a free estimate on new HVAC installations today.


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