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Effective Ways to Identify Mold in Your HVAC System

An AC unit

Mold in HVAC equipment is a common dilemma that can be tricky to detect. Knowing the horrors of breathing air ridden with mold spores, it’s imperative to identify their presence in your heating and cooling system ASAP.

To diagnose mold growth and determine if you need to call a qualified technician for HVAC service, use the tips listed below.

Watch Out for Black Streaks

Sometimes, mold proliferation is obvious. The mold that can be found in a bathroom or attic is the same as that which may reproduce in HVAC interiors, including the ductwork. Mold spores are microscopic, but they collectively appear in dark patches.

Concentrations of these allergens may also accumulate on exterior surfaces. As long as there is dust, moisture and warmth, mold can survive and multiply.

Use Your Nose

Not seeing signs of mold doesn’t necessarily mean no mold is present. This fungus can give off a pungent odor, which grows stronger over time. If you’re not used to the smell of mold, you may quickly notice it when it hits your nose.

Mind Chronic Respiratory Problems

If you are or live with someone who is sensitive to mold, getting suddenly sick may be indicative of exposure to this allergen. Some health effects of mold on humans should not be ignored and must be taken seriously, especially when they result in hospitalization.

Prevent Mold Growth With Routine HVAC Service

Shackelford Heating and Cooling provides regular HVAC service to identify the presence of mold early, get rid of it swiftly and keep it from returning. We also offer preventive solutions to kill mold and other germs as they enter your heating and cooling equipment.

To keep your HVAC system mold-free, call us at (608) 260-7118 to request service and explore ways to minimize indoor air pollutants.


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