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Furnace Replacement: How Long Does It Take?

A new furnace that has just been installed

Ever woke up freezing on a chilly winter morning only to find out that your trusty old furnace has finally called it quits? Suddenly, you’re facing the daunting task of replacing it. In this blog post, Shackelford Heating & Cooling, the top heating and air conditioning repair service contractor in the area, walks you through the typical timeline of a furnace replacement and the factors influencing it.

Factors Influencing the Time It Takes to Replace a Furnace

The success of a furnace replacement depends on these factors:

  • Age and Condition of the Existing Furnace. The age and condition of your current unit is one factor. If your furnace is old or in poor condition, it might take extra time to remove it safely.
  • Size and Type of the New Furnace. On the other hand, the size and type of the new furnace you’re installing can also play a role. Larger or more complex systems will naturally require more time to install.
  • Location and Accessibility of the Furnace. The location of your furnace is another important consideration. If it’s tucked away in a hard-to-reach spot, this could add to the time required for replacement.

What to Expect During the Process 

When you call for professional heating and air conditioning service, they will assess your current setup first. They will then determine the best replacement option for your needs and take the necessary steps to install the new unit.

Once the work begins, the first step will be to remove the old unit safely and efficiently. If your new furnace is of the same type, they may be able to use existing ductwork and wiring. However, some adjustments may be necessary if the new unit is a different size or type. Your technician will then attach the new furnace in the same place as the old one and test it to ensure it works properly. 

Typical Timeframe for Furnace Replacement

Under normal circumstances, replacing a furnace can typically be done within a day. But remember, the process isn’t just about swapping old for new. It’s a meticulous task that requires expertise and precision. Once that’s done, they will test the furnace to ensure it is working properly and ready to provide indoor warmth during the colder months.

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