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How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Winter

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Winter is fast approaching, and soon you will be relying on your heating system day in and day out to keep you and your family warm and cozy. In this article, our residential heating services specialists share essential tips for getting your HVAC system ready for the cold of winter.

  • Change the air filter. Your air filter traps all the dirt and dust that can cause damage to the internal components of your furnace. It should be changed regularly from once a month to every 12 months, depending on the type of filter you use. Otherwise, your air filter will not be able to do its job efficiently, hampering proper airflow and putting unnecessary strain on your system.
  • Clear the area around the furnace. Do not forget to remove any items stored around your furnace to ensure that the airflow will not be blocked once you start operating the unit. Any flammable materials should be kept away from the furnace at all times. Lastly, heating and air conditioning contractors remind homeowners not to lean anything against the exterior of their furnace.
  • Prep the humidifier. Many homeowners use whole-home humidifiers to restore the moisture that is typically missing from the winter air. Inspect the drain line of your humidifier to ensure that there are no leaks, and drain its water reservoir to prevent any microbial contamination.
  • Reprogram the thermostat. Seasons change and so should the settings on your thermostat. 68 degrees is usually the recommended temperature to maximize energy efficiency without compromising indoor comfort.
  • Schedule a furnace tune-up. Maintenance is one of the most important steps in preserving the life of your furnace. Contact a trusted technician to tune up your furnace before winter arrives. A professional will provide the care required for all the components of your unit.

Make sure your HVAC system is in top shape before the coldest months of winter settle in. Contact Shackelford Heating & Cooling at (608) 530-0667 or fill out our convenient contact form to schedule an appointment. You can also count on us for residential air conditioning service in the spring and summer.


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