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Improve the Quality of Your Indoor Air by Installing a Humidifier

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The dryness of the air during the bleak, chilly months of winter even invades our homes. Since cold air carries less moisture than warm air, the need to increase humidity for a more comfortable feel inside your household is achieved by installing a device called a humidifier. In order to share more about humidifiers and how they affect indoor air quality, Wisconsin’s heating and air conditioning service expert Shackelford Heating & Cooling shares some important points in this article.

Do You Need a Humidifier? 

Low humidity can pose health concerns like a dry nose and throat and respiratory distress, which is why you often hear the use of humidifiers associated with skin and breathing problems. Furthermore, low humidity can also cause wood-based items like papers and furniture to warp and become brittle. Getting the moisture level right will not only grant you improved indoor air quality, but also a more comfortable living environment and better quality of life.

The Benefits of Improved Indoor Air

  • You stay healthier. Low humidity in the air can draw out moisture from your skin, leaving you with a case of rough, dry skin. Unmoisturized skin and lips may lead to itchiness and cracking, both of which can lead to bleeding. Low humidity also affects nasal passages, which can leas to dryness in the throat and excessive coughing. To protect your health, call a local residential heating repair company and install a humidifier unit before winter arrives.
  • Experience greater comfort. When cracks in wood flooring and furniture appear due to low moisture, this not only compromises the functionality of the items, but also your safety when performing simple daily activities. In addition, if wood window frames produce air leaks, this will create drafts which further impair comfort levels at home. A humidifier can prevent all of these things from happening and help improve indoor air quality by adding moisture to counter the dryness in the air.

For excellent heating and air conditioning repair service, turn to Shackelford Heating & Cooling. We have a dedicated team of professionals who will happily meet your indoor air quality needs. Call us today at (608) 260-7118 or fill out this contact form to schedule an appointment.


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