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Things to Expect During Your AC Replacement

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Replacing a ductless or central air conditioning system is not as simple as buying a new home appliance off the shelf. If you’ve never had to replace yours until now, read on as Shackelford Heating & Cooling shares a guide to what you should expect during AC replacement.

Choosing the Right AC System

Selecting the right air conditioning system for your home can be overwhelming, given the wide range of options available. The first task is to calculate your home’s total floor area, as it will be used in finding the AC with the right horsepower rating. This is important because an underpowered air conditioner would be running at full capacity at all times and may be at risk of failing prematurely. An overpowered AC, meanwhile, would be running in a stop-start fashion that can also lead to premature failure.

Calculating the house’s total floor area can be complicated without a copy of the floor plan or if it has odd angles, but don’t worry. A capable air conditioning replacement services technician can do all of that for you.

Preparing for Installation

Once you’ve chosen the right AC and set an installation date, you need to prepare your home for installation. An experienced AC installer should be able to give you an estimated timeline, which can vary from a few hours to the entire day, depending on factors like the number of units to be installed, and whether new ductwork or a new air handler will need to be installed.

During your in-home appointment with your HVAC technician, you’ll be informed where the units will be installed. If you’re replacing your central AC with a similar model, then you will already have a platform for it, otherwise you may need to have one made. If you’re getting ductless air conditioners, installation areas will also be identified beforehand. You’ll need to clear these areas to give the installers space.

The AC Replacement Process

On installation day, the HVAC technician will first remove the old air conditioner. The outdoor unit will have wires and tubes running into the HVAC system’s air handler located indoors. This is the unit that contains the air filters and fans that feed conditioned air into the ductwork. The air ducts and registers may need to be cleaned and inspected to make sure there are no leaks. Your HVAC technician will let you know whether you’ll need a new platform during inspection.

Once the AC units are installed, the AC technician will charge the refrigerant, then run the AC, making sure that cool air is circulating throughout the house. While the AC is running, they’ll also keep an eye out for the refrigerant and condensate lines, and address any signs of leakage. Before they clean up, your technician will give you a walkthrough of your new AC’s features, help you with warranty registration and answer your questions about central air conditioner maintenance.

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