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Tips for Saving Money on a New Furnace

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Getting a new furnace is a major expense. Without careful planning, it can cut deeply into your pockets or even drain your long-term savings. So to help you save money on your new equipment, heating and air conditioning contractors share these tips for finding a great deal.

Get Multiple Quotes

Get more than one technician to assess your needs. Once you get several quotes from different contractors, review all of their offers and compare their prices to find the best quality of service. You can also better understand what work you will need through their various recommendations. Finally, do not forget to gauge their skills according to reviews of their previous work.

Ask for Manufacturer Discounts

Manufacturers offer rebates on certain makes and models of their products. The greater the performance and efficiency of the equipment and the more expensive it is, the higher the discount you can expect. Make sure you consider the unit size, warranty, SEER, and cost when comparing your choices of residential heating services.

Look for HVAC Rebates and Tax Credits

There is a broad range of offers from local energy companies to help you save money on a new furnace. A high-efficiency unit may come with a bigger estimate upfront but offers larger savings when paired with HVAC rebates and tax credits. Not to mention, your monthly energy costs will be reduced when you go green. A reputable company will inform you about the programs available in your area.

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