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Tips on Keeping Your House Warm During Extreme Winters

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Winters with below freezing temperatures can put your home’s insulation and heating system to the test. In this blog, the heating and air conditioning contractors at Shackelford Heating share tips on how to keep your house warm during below-freezing winters.

Lower Your Thermostat Setting

When temperatures drop below freezing for extended periods, your heating system may not be able to keep up. This can either push your heating system to the limit, consuming a lot of fuel or electricity. Also, cranking up your heating system will not heat your home faster, nor would it make the air coming out of the vents warmer.

Instead, lower your thermostat setting a few degrees to allow even heating. The indoor temperature may be a bit cooler to your liking, but this will only be temporary, but it will help make sure you have a reliable heating system all through the winter season. Once you have reached a comfortable temperature, override the presets and maintain a constant temperature.

Replace Air Filters

Clogged air filters can decrease your HVAC system’s efficiency and restrict air flow. This can make it more difficult to provide heating throughout your home, and may even lead to an emergency residential air conditioning service appointment. Air filters are, fortunately, user-replaceable, and typically require replacement every three months. Depending on environmental factors such as dust or frequent usage, air filters may require replacement every month or so. Make sure you choose replacement air filters with the right size, otherwise it would allow unfiltered air to leak.

Address Heat Leaks

Your home is essentially an insulated enclosure; heat leaks make it less effective. This is why you should address drafts and other heat leaks as soon as possible. Insufficient insulation within walls needs to be repaired. Caulk around window and door frames should be scraped and reapplied if worn out. Weatherstripping around the doors and windows may need to be replaced. Leaky doors and windows may need to be replaced, something that, in fact, can be done in winter.

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