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Tips on Readying Your HVAC System Before Going on Vacation

A man fixing an HVAC system.

When going out of town, you should never just shut down your HVAC system and leave it off until you return. It’s much more advisable to keep it running to control heat and humidity and discourage the growth of mold, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Before you pack your bags, use these tips to prepare your HVAC system to continue doing its job while you’re on vacation.

Maintain the Air Filter

Any expert in air conditioning installation and repair would tell you to regularly wash or replace your air filter. Making sure it’s clean before you leave matters, for many HVAC issues can occur due to a clogged filter. With a clean filter, your heating and cooling system will have plenty of air flow so you won’t have to worry about it suffocating while you’re gone. 

Schedule an Inspection

Filter maintenance can be DIYed, but all else requires professional attention. If your HVAC equipment hasn’t been checked by a qualified technician recently, arrange an inspection ahead of your vacation. This will allow enough time to get any of your system’s problems fixed, which is vital to preventing sudden breakdowns when nobody’s home.

Set the Temperature From 80°F to 85°F

To keep your house from becoming too warm or too cold while you’re gone, adjust your thermostat setting to somewhere between 79°F and 86°F. If your thermostat is programmable, adjust it accordingly to ensure your home’s indoor climate is comfortable on the day of your return.

Make sure your thermostat has fresh batteries to prevent power-related HVAC problems. Also, eliminate any nearby heat sources to keep it from misreading the room’s temperature.

Get a Surge Protector

Connect your HVAC system to a surge protector. This device will protect your sensitive equipment from any excessive increase in voltage.

Schedule an Air Conditioning Installation or Repair Ahead of Your Trip

Set up any necessary air conditioning installation or repair before going on vacation. Call Shackelford Heating at (608) 260-7118 today to request service ASAP.


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