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Why Schedule Furnace Maintenance Before Winter?

A man working on an HVAC unit

You want to ensure your HVAC system is in good shape before temperatures drop lower. The last thing you want to deal with this winter is a malfunctioning furnace. By having your unit maintained this fall, you can keep your living space warm and cozy during the colder months. 

A leading provider of residential heating services shares more reasons to have your furnace serviced before winter. 

Save on Energy Costs

When your furnace is in good shape, it won’t need to work as hard to reach your desired temperature. As a result, it won’t consume excessive electricity, saving you money on utility bills. On the other hand, a neglected unit will exert more effort to warm up your home, potentially increasing your energy costs. 

Prolong Your Furnace’s Life

Routine tune-ups can contribute to your equipment’s longevity. Proper care can prolong the service life of your furnace. It’s usually more cost-effective to regularly have your unit checked and maintained than to purchase a new one only after a few years. 

Avoid Costly Repairs

Reputable heating and air conditioning contractors will agree that you don’t have to wait for your furnace to malfunction before having it assessed and serviced. Regular inspections and maintenance allow professionals to catch and address minor issues before they require expensive repairs. 

Maintain Your Warranty’s Validity

Warranties protect your investment from manufacturing defects and poor workmanship. Most HVAC manufacturers require proper and routine tune-ups to keep their warranties valid. It means that if you fail to care for your unit, you could lose your coverage. 

Let Shackelford Heating & Cooling give your HVAC system the care it needs. We’re dedicated to delivering superior furnace maintenance and repair services. If you’re also looking for a reliable residential air conditioning service provider, our skilled technicians are here to help. Call us at (608) 530-0667 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. 


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